"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

Mary Robinson


4L.com is connected with an international network of world class partners such as Oxford Leadership, Team Management System Development International and Bath Consultancy Group.


Oxford Leadership 

4L.com’s and Oxford Leadership’s co-operation started in 2015, and have since worked with many international companies. I am an accreditated Oxford Leadership facilitator and coach in their Self Managing Leadership® (SML®) programme. For more information check www.oxfordleadership.com

TMS Development International Ltd

I am an accreditated TMS Development International Team Management Profile facilitator and feedback Consultant. For the past 15 years, she has been facilitating team development workshops using TMP, to learn more about individuals’ and teams’ work styles and preferences.

Bath Consultancy Group

4L.com and BCG has been working as partners since 2010, and designed and facilitated many leadership programs for top senior leaders in various industries.
The aim has been to enable organizations to perform and realize the benefits of current strategy. www.bathconsultancygroup.com

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Jarrett Partners  

David Jarrett
Coach to Systems, CEO’s and Executive Teams

David and Jarrett Partners focuses on CEO and Executive Teams, with a background in business consulting (PwC/KPMG).

 “I choose to partner with Miksu at 4L.com because our combination of active and reflective styles has proven to create lasting change - I also really enjoy it.” David Jarrett

To read more about feedback from a project done in 2015-2016 with European specialty chemicals business on team development by the CEO click here.